Time to bring Blair to heel

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Blair must have the skin of a rhinoceros.

According to a national newspaper, he travelled to France and discussed with French President François Hollande a plot to block the will of the British people.

As a former Labour prime minister, his premiership was a complete disaster.

Leaving in his wake of blunders, opening the floodgates to migrants - and look at the situation we are in today.

His Iraqi foul-up with countless British servicemen killed or wounded.

His misjudgments will go down in history.

After resigning from office, he embarked on a lecturing spree around the globe, making substantial financial capital.

This man, outrageously using his past rank, is a self-made pariah, a proclaimed egotist only interested in his personal fortune.

No principles, no British loyalties and certainly no sense of democracy.

He should be brought to heel, no matter how harsh the punishment may seem.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,