Time to cease foreign aid?

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I have written before on the crisis in the NHS and the social care system, which is not coordinated and funded appropriately.

The penny recently dropped with our well-catered-for MPs and they are finally talking about it.

Of course, that does not mean anything is about to happen, apart from that all of our local taxes are about to rise dramatically.

However we should begin to ask why.

Why are we not funding the care system properly when we can afford to send £12.2billion abroad in our foreign aid budget?

Much of it, up to £4billion, is unable to be accounted for and I believe much of the other monies are finding a way into the pockets of the rich and corrupt.

So why are we expected to pay more taxes to provide the £800million shortfall when we have and are already paying for it?

Stop the foreign aid, apart from disaster aid which is directed and needed.

If we stopped our overseas aid we would be able to not only fund the care system better, but I expect do away with the austerity being heaped on the less fortunate in this country and provide a respite for all from increases in taxes.

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,