Time to do bit of weeding

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Every day the media highlights the scare-mongering tactics deployed by the Westminster fraternity.

Yet, despite all the good news – that the economy is doing better than ever expected – the EU fanatics will still not accept the democratic result of the British people who voted to leave.

This situation makes one wonder whether there is more than one ‘enemy within’ trying to destroy Britain.

Many of them may be in very high places politically.

The concept of this situation is frightening.

Prime Minister Theresa May should be able to exert her authority more forcibly and start clearing out what I consider to be the incumbent dross still cluttering the establishment, presumably without any serious opposition.

A reduction in the House of Commons, and a weed-out of the Lords, would be a good start.

It will take a long time to correct the errors of past governments, but Britain will be a far better country and, again, be one of the leaders on the world stage.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,