Time to move departments?

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Jeremy Corbyn’s big idea is we should limit top salaries.

Maybe he would like to start with local authorities under Labour control?

Labour backers in the unions set their minds against regional pay differences many years ago.

But, as the cost of living is so much higher in London and the South East, the arguments for regional pay variations are getting stronger by the day.

Does Mr Corbyn know what we are paying people in the public sector these days, and the massive pensions being accumulated by people in the public sector, which are resulting from those recent increases in pay?

Could public sector pensions bankrupt the country if we go on as we are?

Lord Hutton and his reforms did a great job but his brief was only to do half the job. Are we seriously going to have to look at a cap on public sector salaries and a review of existing public sector pensions?

If we move many departments of government and the civil service out of London and the South East, of course the problems with recruitment and staff retention will fade away.

Anyone can live very well indeed in the North of England or Scotland on £60,000 a year.

Nigel F H Boddy,

Fife Road,