Time to solve NHS problem

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January 8 brought the opening salvo in what I believe will be an early General Election.

The Prime minister delivered a television interview to start the year off, heavily loaded with manifesto style statements, to be followed up with even more at the start of the working week.

The sharing society was illustrated.

It also included “Uncle Tom Cobbley” and all of the buzz words and groupings you could imagine.

Sadly, rhetoric is not in short supply, unlike hospital beds, and can be delivered and still be home for tea which, of course, is not the reality for those attending our NHS this month.

All these statements are food and drink to a hungry and thirsting political press, and provide plentiful copy but do not solve a single issue.

We have a great many issues to solve.

It is about time that the political football that they all use, the NHS, needs to stop.

A rational and unemotional look needs to be taken of the whole problem and a working long-term solution arrived at, and more money is not the only requirement.

You can liken the health service to a Rolls Royce.

A machine built with expensive and well-crafted parts but, unfortunately, a duff clutch has been installed, resulting in the vehicle going nowhere fast.

The clutch is, of course, the CCG and Primary health elements, together with social care which needs to be sorted out to enable this machine to move forward, just for starters.

Chris Gallacher, TD VR,


UKIP Redcar,

Normanby Road,