Top support

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I should like to thank everyone who supported our latest ActionAid book sale.

We made £50 towards our project supporting Ugandan school children.

We hope to support ActionAid’s emergency action fund during the remainder of the year.

Last year there was a large number of emergencies - natural and man-made.

This year within just six weeks there have already been at least three impending emergencies.

An escalation of the refugee crisis, an outbreak of the Zika virus, and the food shortage in Southern Africa.

ActionAid aims to prepare communities for disasters by providing cyclone shelters and life jackets, as well as responding after disasters strike.

Our next book sale will be held at Hartlepool Central Library, 10.30am to 3.30pm, on February 29.

We’d still welcome books, tombola prizes, DVDs and CDs.

To donate please ring 01429 236032.

Thank you again for your help.

Jennifer Kerridge,

Local contact, ActionAid,

Byron Street,