Tory donors to benefit

THERE have been two reports in the newspapers which may or may not be true.

The first is that the Works and Pensions Secretary wants to slash winter fuel allowances for pensioners, and scrap their free bus passes and TV licences, despite David Cameron giving an election pledge that they would be protected.

Iain Duncan Smith admitted, when asked, that “these are matters that are still under discussion.”

If implemented, once again the old and working class will be hit hard by this Tory-led coalition government.

The second report stated Conservative MPs are pushing to slash the 45p top rate of tax to 40p before the next General Election.

It states that David Cameron has refused to rule out cutting the top rate still further.

If implemented, once again millionaires and posh Tory donors will benefit.

Surely all this proves once again is that Cameron’s insistence that we are ‘all in it together’ is the most ridiculous statement made by a Tory prime minister since one of his predecessors, Harold Macmillan, stated in the early 1960s that we had “never had it so good”?

Peter McClure,

Mountbatten Close,