Totally isolated

HOW can Hartlepool Borough Council afford to award a pay increase of £10,000 to its chief executive while council taxpayers are facing massive cuts in public services (Mail, February 16)?

Many people are struggling to survive on just one 10th of Mr Walker’s salary.

In his column (Mail, February 16) Mayor Stuart Drummond claims that Hartlepool is already a good example of a Big Society.

Charity workers may agree as there is usually a good response to fund-raising appeals – even in poorer areas of the borough.

Perhaps the chief executive would like to demonstrate that he is part of our Big Society by using his exorbitant pay rise to subsidise the 516 bus service, which is the only public transport provision linking the villages of Elwick and Dalton Piercy with Hartlepool town centre.

This service is due to be withdrawn next month, causing severe problems for village residents.

The elderly will be most affected as the Dial-a-Ride service is also being axed.

Thus they will be totally isolated and unable to access vital services only available in town.

Mrs A M Tobin,