Town worm can also turn

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The recent by-election in Richmond Park was a timely reminder of how the proverbial worm can so easily and unexpectedly turn.

The Liberal Democrats overturned a massive Tory majority of over 23,000

This happened because, as many pundits have acknowledged, the incumbent was a Brexit supporter and the majority of his constituents were remainers.

It should serve as a salutary reminder to Mr Wright, our esteemed MP, that the Hartlepool worm can also turn, especially as his majority, though large, is not insurmountable.

Of course, a Tory could never be elected in Hartlepool, as I suspect a Liberal Democrat couldn’t either.

But a Ukip candidate certainly could.

Therefore I suggest Mr Wright starts to demonstrate a more personal and passionate advocacy of his constituency.

I read his column (Mail, December 1), headed Hard times ahead on economic front, albeit with glazed over eyes.

It read like notes for a lecture by an economics professor, full of figures and statistics which speak to nobody’s everyday life and concerns.

Perception is all sometimes.

It is essential that whoever represents Hartlepool in Parliament is doing so with a passion for the area, rather than using it as a stepping stone to grander things.

Tim Moss,

Seaton Carew.