Trade gap is widening

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It seems the more the Europhiles scaremonger, the more reasons emerge why Britain should leave the EU.

Newly-released figures reveal that for the second consecutive year our sales to EU countries lagged behind exports to the rest of the world.

Britain buys more from the EU than they do from us.

The Office for National Statistics figures show the EU accounted for just 47% of British exports last year, down from 62% in 2006.

Official figures include goods shipped via European ports to countries outside the EU.

Without this so-called “Rotterdam effect” distortion they would be even lower.

The gap between EU and non-EU exports has grown from £1.7billion in 2014 to £17billion last year.

Every set of trade figures reveal that the EU is a failing trading bloc, declining in importance to our economy.

Free from Brussels shackles we’d make our own trade deals, reactivate our seat at the World Trade Organisation and strengthen our ties with our Commonwealth family.

Jonathan Arnott,

Ukip North East MEP,

Elwick Road,