Transfer staff to A&E

AFTER reading, but not necessarily understanding, the words of wisdom compiled by the sage of Seaton Lane over the forecasted closure of the A&E department at the University Hospital of Hartlepool (I fail to see how a hospital can be part of a university when the town doesn’t even have a university), I see a simple solution to the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Trust’s problems.

It appears that the A&E department is closing down because it is “unfit for purpose” due to the lack of trained clinical staff.

It would also appear that the NHS Trust, after many fruitless years of advertising and searching, is unable to attract anyone to come and work in the A&E department in Hartlepool (what was that I read in the national press about 2.5m people being out of work?).

Therefore health bosses decided that services within the A&E department will move out of a large area in the local hospital, with hundreds of parking spaces, to a very small medical centre with only nine parking spaces in Park Road, all contrary to the wishes of the majority of people in Hartlepool and the surrounding area.

Well, I believe there is an easier way to solve the problems that this suggested move is causing.

Why not simply transfer the doctors and staff that would man the minor injuries unit in the very small medical centre in Park Road to the A&E department at Hartlepool’s hospital?

Problem solved, plenty of staff, no longer “unfit for purpose”, plenty of parking spaces and everyone happy.

And talking about parking spaces, what is happening to all those £3 per hour parking fees that are being collected?

The car park is nearly always full so there must be many thousands of pounds being collected.

Where is this huge amount of money going to?

Edward Powell,

Birchill Gardens,