Transporting rubbish by bus

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FOR a large number of Hartlepool residents the normal refuse collection service was not done on November 30 due to strike action.

I phoned Hartlepool Borough Council to check when they would be arranging an alternative collection.

They advised me that they would not be organising a catch-up collection and I would have to wait another two weeks for collection.

I advised them that my bin was already completely full and asked what I should do with the extra rubbish over the next two weeks.

I was advised that there would not be any “side way” collection, meaning that if extra rubbish bags were left adjacent to the wheelie bin they would not be taken.

When I asked what the council expected people to do with the rubbish, I was told I should load it into my car and drive it to the local tip.

I asked what if I don’t have a car? They replied that was not their problem.

I think this is outrageous that the council expect their residents to transport rubbish to the tip by bus or on foot when it is a service paid for through council tax.

Surely the council has a legal obligation to provide the services that people have to pay for?

Peter Hyde,

Elwick Road,


l THE council has confirmed since this letter was written that it will now collect extra waste put in bags and placed alongside bins on Wednesday, December 14, by residents affected by last Wednesday’s strike.