Trousering cash

MANY times in the past I have written on the subject of costly expenditure by the last Government, MPs, bankers and the electorate who fiddle their benefits which, directly or indirectly, affect our pockets.

New Labour’s reckless expenditure when in office, and those mentioned above, showed their total disregard for our economy and the plight it left our country to endure.

Now the National Audit Office (NAO) has published records of Whitehall’s managerial and concierge costs.

Its reading staggers the intellect of the reader by its crass needless expenditure.

In the last 10 years of New Labour it created 14,000 extra employees ranging from porters and cleaners upwards, swelling Whitehall staff to a massive 500,000.

The cost to the taxpayer for the entire coterie of Whitehall runs at a monstrous £166bn.

Bonuses leapt from nearly zero in 2001 to £200m by 2010.

The NAO stated it added risks to controlling our already shaky national deficit by letting the Civil Service slide out of control.

MPs also are in the news for their appearances on the small screen, trousering cash for their emergence in taxpayer-funded BBC programmes at various times.

Vince Cable was the only MP who came to the fore with distinction. For he donated the £10,000 he made in Strictly Comes Dancing to a charity.

On the other hand Diane Abbott pocketed the £25,000 for her appearances on Andrew Neil’s programme, This Week, the political talk show – a considerable asset to her salary as an MP.

Fortunately there are many who do not fall into the category of trough feeders.

No matter what changes are reported to their ways, politicians and their ilk spit out excuses for their behaviour.

For their love of wealth and affluent living still continues at the cost of the willing worker.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,