Trust do not understand

QUITE recently the Sage of Wagga wrote in the Hartlepool Mail “you can’t pour a gallon into a pint pot”.

Yet it seems that this is exactly what learned and wise people in the North Tees and Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust are doing and are unable to comprehend the error of their actions.

To the north of Hartlepool stands a very large hospital where excellent, first class treatment and service is provided for the people of Hartlepool, the surrounding villages and south-east Durham.

There are hundreds of parking spaces for patients and visitors and a very large area within the grounds of this hospital where additional facilities could be built to accommodate upgraded facilities and with easy access from all directions.

In the centre of Hartlepool, on a very busy main road, with restricted access and no parking facilities to speak of, is a small medical centre and doctors’ surgery called One Life.

Now I do not profess to be a man of letters but to me common sense dictates that surely it would be more beneficial and cost effective if the unelected managerial type people and ex-councillors currently making decisions within the trust cut their losses, admit they have made a humongous mistake and build a new One Life centre in the very large open area that exists within the grounds of the University Hospital of Hartlepool.

Much cheaper than building a new hospital at Wynyard which no-one wants.

Hartlepool Borough Council can then use the old One Life buildings as council offices.

Two birds, one stone comes to mind.

As the meerkat says, simples!

To the unelected managerial type people within trust I ask the following questions:

1. What part of “the people of Hartlepool and the surrounding area do not want a hospital at Wynyard” do you not understand?

2. What part of “the people of Hartlepool and the surrounding area do not want any facilities within the hospital at Hartlepool moved to the One Life centre” do you not understand?

3. What part of “the people of Hartlepool want their accident and emergency department re-opened” do you not understand?

Edward Powell,

Birchill Gardens,