UKIP perfect ... for a farce

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I read with bemusement the letter from UKIP’s Chris Gallacher (Mail, October 17).

I am reminded of the late great Lord (Brian) Rix, a master farceur. I am sure that he would have relished the plot possibilities supplied by UKIP. Mr Gallacher crows about a couple of hundred votes in a tiny corner of Hartlepool as though it were a sign of imminent office.

There is no doubt about the relative support his party appears to have in Hartlepool, and in some other more deprived areas. (I would certainly advise our esteemed MP to take note.)

However there is a rational explanation for this. When the less advantaged feel abandoned, they often turn to false prophets.

There are plenty of examples of this from history.

Germany in the 1930s is one such, but there are many others. And now, after the recent leadership debacle,one of UKIP’s most prominent figures, after an alleged punch-up which he publicly acknowledges, has resigned from the party for greener pastures.

I ask if anyone with a straight face can seriously believe this loose band of laughable at best, and dangerous at worst, political misfits have a future in our British democracy?

Yes, there are problems.

There always have been and probably always will be.

But I urge those seeking answers not to put their trust in such a rag-bag ‘organisation’ that will ultimately divide us.

I should add that I, too, voted to leave the EU.

Tim Moss,

Seaton Carew