United against hate crime

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On July 7 I attended my first full Hartlepool Borough Council meeting, as the recently elected councillor for Burn Valley.

It was an occasion I shall remember for all of the right reasons.

I, like a number of colleagues, had been receiving contacts from residents expressing their shock and outrage due to the increase in hate crimes in the Hartlepool area.

Sadly reflective of a national trend since the Brexit vote was confirmed.

I, along with a number of other councillors, contacted the leader of the council to request a motion condemning these acts.

The vote was unanimous, with all political parties recording their opposition to hate crime in any form.

This town is now officially united against those vile individuals who think they have a right to act in a manner that is abhorrent to the majority of the people who reside in this great town. All hate is wrong.

Whether it be xenophobic or sexuality, ethnicity or religion-targeted, it is simply wrong.

Now is the time for the public to show their outright opposition to those that practise these despicable acts.

Report those that commit these disgusting attacks to the police, for them to investigate accordingly.

This is a great town, as the recent Coast film demonstrated.

It has a beautiful infrastructure that can attract many people to experience Hartlepool at its best.

That is what we all strive for, to shout “loud and proud” about what we are in Hartlepool.

As opposed to the alternative of becoming known as a town where hate becomes socially accepted due the actions of a handful of individuals who bring shame and disrepute, to what is otherwise a proud, dignified, and great populace.

Councillor Dave Hunter (Labour),

Burn Valley Ward,

Hartlepool Borough Council,

Victoria Road,