Value of homes reduced

SO Hartlepool Borough Council is debating spending more money for a building that has stood empty because of the financial position of this country following years of Labour Government (Mail, July 8)?

The Mayor and councillors think this is a good idea that will make money in the future. Whenever that is.

Their deliberations did not include the dire situation that confronts the residents of the Headland.

They, we are told by the council via the Mail in the same edition, are set to lose their homes and all that is dear to them to the sea. For the want of money in the council coffers.

As it is, this information has potentially reduced the value of a great many homes around the Headland even before the waves come to claim them.

Millions of pounds for an empty shed.

That same money would almost certainly, along with a grant from the Government, defend the Headland from the sea for a very long time.

But more important things seem to be taking up all the time of the Mayor and his cabinet.

An empty building on the Marina.

Councillor John Marshall,

Independent councillor,

St Hilda ward,

St Helen’s Street,