Vast changes?

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What is it about the north and south cultural divide?

After serving six war years in the RAF I found myself working in the drawing office of a constructional engineering firm in Victoria Street, London, as a trainee.

The established incumbents, mostly southerners, had not served in the forces because of their occupation being classed as reserved.

It was markedly apparent from the start that northerners were classed as inferior, different because of their broad dialect.

The Parliamentary establishment, mostly southern, has the same superior attitude of “we know best”.

Now that the leave vote has been inaugurated, we may now see some vast changes take place, with the right people in charge.

The gravy train is an apt description of the complacent bureaucrats and quangos which have prevailed for far too long in Parliament.

Time for change.

J W Bearby,

Tarnston Road,