Vision’s pie in sky dreams

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So, the latest Hartlepool Vision is a huge waterside tourist attraction in the shape of a new science centre.

This will really complement the big glass “wave effect” Trincomalee visitor centre on the same site (maybe upstairs?)

Also, the huge new estate between the marina and Victoria Dock, which comprises housing, retail and leisure, a school and landscaped areas.

Not forgetting the Hartlepool Eye behind Jacksons Landing.

All of these wonders can be viewed from the tram system running from the old Binns store to the Headland, via the marina, passing the parade of new shops on the site of the old Bridge Hotel, and ending at the celebrity chef’s fish restaurant and retail area at Kafiga Landings.

And, to cap it all, a leisurely stroll across the new bridge from the dock head to the scrap yard.

But I’m forgetting, the new estate was cancelled so that the Port Authority could use the land to make Hartlepool the east coast’s centre of excellence for the expanding renewable energy sector.

I wonder what all of the other North East councils think when they read about these latest pie in the sky dreams?

I must admit though that Hartlepool Borough Council certainly deserves 10 out of 10 for fantasies.

Maybe Joey Essex can persuade a TV company to set up studios here.

Still, without all of the above-mentioned schemes, we wouldn’t have got the thousands of jobs we were told would be created by them.

Perhaps if they were to pass their ideas on to the Heugh Gun Battery Trust or the Headland Carnival Committee, then maybe the dreams may become a reality because those organisations do what it says on the tin.

I wonder if any studios have thought of making a Carry On movie in our council chamber.

Ian Holliday,

Heronspool Close,