Voters will have final say

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Over the next couple of months political sound-bites will exude from politicians for the voters of Britain to continue as EU members.

This is regardless of what David Cameron’s safari with Brussels bureaucrats has accomplished in changing the EU Treaty.

It would also accomplish nothing for political party leaders to deny their members and leading MPs to express their views on the coming referendum.

Our involvement in the EU is not an issue for either Tory or Labour’s left or right wing.

It has its foundations in democracy, freedom and the welfare of the British people and our sovereign nation.

It will finally be settled in the coming referendum, voted for by the electorate of Britain.

Our daily lives are controlled by Brussels – housing, education and law, with interference in our judicial system.

Human rights are restricted to a minimum, where offenders can use them to their advantage.

If the British voters decide this is what they wish to be the future of this great country, so be it.

The future generations of Britain will bear the consequences of their negativity, when they cast their vote for independence from a dictatorial regime in Brussels.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,