Walk tall

ON October 7 the University Hospital of Hartlepool will be reduced to 55 beds.

Having worked there as a staff nurse for 36 years until my retirement in January this year, I would like to thank publicly all my lovely friends and work colleagues, both past and present, for the friendship and love we shared during my years of service, and to wish them good luck in their move to the University Hospital of North Tees.

They all know my views on this totally unnecessary move.

Some have been taken out of their area of expertise and placed where they would not wish to go.

However I say to you all, hold your heads high and walk tall.

Be proud of who you are and what you do.

Remember, you did not ask for or want any of this to happen.

This is a mistake management in their glorified towers will regret for years to come.

I note that another member of the public, Mr J Holmes of Peterlee wrote an excellent letter (Mail, September 20) stating “Wynyard hospital will be like the Millennium dome - no more than a White Elephant.”

I echo his comments.

All my love to you all.

Your friend and colleague.

Geoff Hare,

Kingsley Avenue,