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I REFER to the excellent article about the YouTube channel, VainGloriousUK (Mail, January 3), which is presenting local music, and the additional information supplied by Jeff Butterfield (Mail, January 8).

I agree that there are many splendid groups and musicians who have entertained and excited us over the years.

Some of this is already available by YouTube, for example.

A popular Hartlepool group from the early 1980s was Fluke, who created a stir when performing live on the Radio One Roadshow.

Unfortunately their name was later appropriated by another bunch.

However, the real Fluke can be accessed by searching on YouTube for “Hartlepool band Fluke”.

One of Hartlepool‘s greatest ever groups was the Holiday Patrons, who in 1985 released the first vinyl single recorded at the Durham Street Studios.

The Hottest Time of the Year/I’m In Love With Love is still sought after on eBay.

At the time the Holiday Patrons were friends with two brothers, Mark and Guy Sigsworth.

Mark was the tea boy (or something) on the brand new Brookside soap on Channel 4.

One weekend he “borrowed” the cameras and made a video of both songs (Seaton Carew and the Sporting Club being the locations chosen).

These and other Holiday Patron items, including their appearance at Dock Rock, are accessible via the “Intolerator” YouTube channel.

Brother Guy Sigsworth went on to have musical success of his own, releasing his own version of I’m In Love with Love and also writing songs for Bjork and Madonna (phew).

Angular Jazz thrash merchants Lard King will soon be making snippets from their 1980s catalogue available on their own channel.

Meanwhile VainGloriousUK will soon be uploading a bunch of other interesting live performances and audio/visualisations from Hartlepool’s varied and magnificent musical heritage, so keep watching.

“Chas Groovy” (aka Jimmy McKenna)

Windsor Street,