Watching TV

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Looking back I contemplate,

And think of TV when

Programmes were in monochrome,

But still enjoyed back then.

Colour TV then emerged,

Transmitted to our homes.

Colours bright and luminous,

That nobody bemoans.

Wagon Train, The Twilight Zone,

My eyes fixed to the screen.

Bronco, Maude and Dallas too,

Sue Ellen was my dream.

Lassie, Mork & Mindy,

Watch With Mother by the fire.

Popeye, Flintstones, Flipper too,

Each one I would desire.

Ironside, The Prisoner,

I’d watch with eyes aglow.

Peyton Place and Tarzan man,

The Bernard Delfont Show.

Batman, Candid Camera,

Take Your Pick, Quincy, and Shoot!

Bronk, The Partridge Family,

Susan Dey was quite cute!

Maverick, The Cisco Kid,

My heroes on a horse.

Softly, Softly; Ruth Rendall,

And then Inspector Morse.

What’s My Line?, Bonanza,

The Addams Family too.

All Clued Up, Whodunnit?

I didn’t have a clue!

Superman, No Hiding Place,

Programmes I’d never miss.

Cheyenne and Juke Box Jury,

How Miss World was sheer bliss!

Kojak, On The Buses,

Andy Pandy, Spot the Dog.

A day watching the TV,

Ending with The Epilogue.

Kenny Surtees,

Ainsworth Way,