Waves see such sights

editorial image

Walking along a quiet lonely beach,

Listening to the whispering waves.

Whispering of wondrous sights they’d seen,

Of tropical palms and subterranean caves.

Islands of white ice just floating along,

Enjoying their trips to warm waters.

Flying fish skimming over high waves,

And dolphins chasing young porpoise.

Past hot deserts with nothing but sand,

Where dry, thirsty camels drink their fill.

Blue whales frolicking with new-born calves,

Rounding the Cape in their search for krill.

Venturing up rivers and wide estuaries,

Past castles and palaces asleep in the sun.

Under high bridges and round rocky coves,

Past beaches full of people having fun.

Whispering down the blue Mediterranean,

Then flowing east to the warm Red Sea.

Mullahs calling prayers from minarets,

Collecting flotsam and jetsam, debris.

Then south down the east coast of Africa,

Past Madagascar and the beach at Cape Town.

Then over to the cool of the Antarctic,

Where kings and emperors are crowned.

Then back home to the beach at ‘Le pool’,

And deposit all the wealth of our travels.

Then talk of the places we’ve visited,

Whilst we roll up your sand and gravel.

We’ve had a wonderful time travelling,

But we do get it wrong now and again.

A typical example is the tsunami wave,

And we apologise humbly for the pain.

Albert Armstrong,

Percy Street,