Waving at the royal couple

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Here’s a little memory of mine that took place in July/August 1947.

My father died in May of that year.

My mother took me and my brother to London, to relatives, for a couple of weeks.

My uncle said when we were at Buckingham Palace that something was happening so he asked the policeman.

He told us to “stand there on the left” as the royal car was coming shortly.

They must have been out celebrating as the then Princess Elizabeth had just become engaged to Philip Mountbatten.

When the car came, I ran out, right up to the car, and was waving at all the royals, I was so excited.

The family was smiling at me and waving. I was right up to the window.

The same policeman came to me and said: “Come along now, back to your family.”

He was very nice.

I will never forget that day or the holiday.

The year 1947 was very special for me as I passed my scholarship for St Joseph’s convent, in Victoria Road, Hartlepool.

I wore my school blazer in London with pride.

My roots will always be in Hartlepool.

My sister and family still live there.

Pauline Watson (nee Richards),