We’re voting UKIP next election Mr Wright

Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.
Hartlepool MP Iain Wright.

I WOULD like to add our penny’s worth about the illustrious MP, Iain Wright.

Why I have no faith in him whatsoever.

We lived in a side street off Elwick Road for 40 years.

Our next-door neighbour died.

A rogue landlord bought the house.

Lo and behold, drug abusers, thieves, etc, moved in.

We had sheer hell with them.

Loud music, shouting, bawling.

They moved out, trashing the place. More moved in.

These were far worse, the scum of the earth.

Selling drugs, fighting people, knocking on the door late at night, every night.

After some divine intervention they were evicted.

So we made an appointment with our Iain Wright.

We met but were not impressed.

I knew then the writing was on the wall.

We explained the situation, about what was happening to us.

He said he would bring it up in Parliament about rogue landlords.

He never got back to us.

In my opinion, he didn’t want to know. That changed my opinion of him.

Then a family of eight moved into the two-bedroomed terraced house.

That was totally horrendous – noise and music.

After four years of sheer hell we sold up and moved away, with no help from anybody.

Not even our MP.

We have a lot of contempt for Iain Wright.

His slogan, Vote Iain Wright. Wright man for the town.

Don’t make me laugh.

With one thing or another, like the University Hospital of Hartlepool for instance, he’s really done nothing for the town, in my opinion.

We could do with a change, a new MP for Hartlepool.

As for me and the wife, we’re voting UKIP next election.

Thanks for nothing, Mr Wright.

B Costello,

Joe Allon Close,