We will fight on

SO the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust wants the support of all of us to move forward their outrageous plans to close the University Hospital of Hartlepool (Mail, September 19).

They must be barking mad.

Do they think we have opposed them just to be awkward?

We’ve actually opposed them because of our heart-felt concerns for the health and safety of the residents of Hartlepool and East Durham.

We are not happy leaving decisions that affect the disabled, the elderly and the sick in our area to an unelected quango like yourselves.

We don’t want a new hospital at Wynyard.

We don’t want you to borrow £300m in our name to pay for it.

They say it will be state of the art. I say dream on.

I think it will have largely the same staff and equipment that our present hospitals have and for specialised treatment we will still have to go to centres of excellence elsewhere.

That’s fine by us.

I think for the trust to say there is no option other than the Wynyard one is misleading. There are always options to any plan.

They said they had a £6.2m surplus last year.

My suggestion would be to spend some of it bringing our A&E back.

Hartlepool Borough Council passed a unanimous vote of no confidence in our trust board recently and no notice has been taken of that.

But that vote fully reflects the views of the residents of Hartlepool and East Durham alike.

I’m sorry Mr Garvin, but we’ll fight on.

Jean Basey,

Tunstall Avenue,