What a class team

WHILE taking my dog for a walk at Summerhill Park on February 4 she was frightened by a loud bang.

Looking for somewhere to hide, she ran into the beck at a rather steep place and became entangled in a bramble bush.

Luckily a class from English Martyrs School was running on the site at the time and three teenagers stopped to help.

Christopher, Joe and Luke worked impressively as a team, and although they got cold, wet and scratched didn’t give up and got her out.

Daisy was badly shaken but otherwise uninjured thanks to these heroes, who came off worse themselves.

They are a credit to themselves, their parents and their school.

On a totally unrelated matter could I please take this opportunity to thank the young man who returned my purse about six weeks ago.

I had not even missed it, so when it was returned I was too shocked to give him the all the thanks he deserved.

Mrs P Swinbourne,

Wilder Grove,