What is the point?

SO it seems the local businessmen and politicians win again.

The majority of the population of Hartlepool didn’t want the ghost ships but we got them.

And now a bigger majority, covering Easington, Peterlee, Blackhall and surrounding areas, are against losing our wonderful University Hospital of Hartlepool.

If we have to have a bigger hospital there is plenty of land surrounding it to build on at a fraction of the cost.

I dispute that our A&E is not fit for purpose.

Sell the land at Wynyard. That will pay for any extensions and improvements we may need.

It seems building firms and supermarkets are ruining our town.

What is the point of having a handsomely paid executive, a large number of councillors and a salaried mayor if they don’t listen to the people of the town?

Bob Lake,

Whin Meadows,