What is the point?

EVERY time I see the proposals for the pie in the sky new hospital my blood boils.

They can draw as many pretty pictures as they like.

But they are determined to turn a deaf ear to the desires of the taxpayers of Hartlepool.

Why can’t the North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust, which incidentally received a vote of no confidence from Hartlepool Borough Council, turn its attention to improvement and possible enlargement of our present, centrally-located University Hospital of Hartlepool?

It would cost a fraction of the £300m anticipated by the building of a hospital at Wynyard.

It may have a postal code of Hartlepool.

But it is a foreign country to Hartlepudlians and patients from the collieries, who need a convenient hospital close to home.

The trustees are determined to bang on about a hospital that’s not wanted.

We’ve signed petitions, marched and attended meetings.

We object to a money pit of a new hospital.

Someone should arrange to have a yes/no referendum to find out what people really want and end this madness.

What is the point of being asked our opinions when they are blatantly ignored?

P Hood,

King Oswy Drive,