What the Brits are all about

GREAT Britain.

Yes, I use the noun “great” because of the success of our London Olympic games.

I admired the enthusiasm of the people from all walks of life who came together in harmonious camaraderie to support the contestants in their chosen venue of sport.

I appreciated the dedication and training the contestants gave in their respective avenues of sport to attain the gold, silver and bronze medals.

I sympathise with those who gave their all, and it matters not if they won or lost but how they played the games in this magnificent London Olympia.

We experienced a truly Olympic extravaganza and the best, witnessed this millennia, performed by brilliant athletes and contestants from all parts of the world.

Camaraderie, harmony and unity from the public and players knew no bounds.

It was evident in the stands, stalls and on the avenues of competition that sport and concord, brought together, means fraternity to the world.

Well done London. Well done Britain.

The entire globe knows what the Brits are all about after these magnificent London Olympics.

Fred Gibbon,

Masefield Road,