Where’s the magic?

EVERY year it’s nice to see the Christmas display and grotto, lights and decorations in Middleton Grange Shopping Centre.

There used to be an animated Santa.

The kids loved it. Then it disappeared.

The decorations are now down to a few stars and lights, the display has gone.

Santa’s grotto is now in a shop that was Scorer’s, if you can call a shop a grotto.

Where’s the magic for the kids now and why couldn’t we have a display as normal downstairs next to the new British Home Stores?

BHS, after all, is not open until after Christmas.

Is it because of extra fire precautions.

There have never been any problems before.

Why do we need to hide British tradition? Are we ashamed of celebrating Christmas and all it stands for now?

Get the happy atmosphere back into our centre.

Mrs K Jones,

Brigandine Close,