Why give them money?

I COULD hardly believe it when I read that Mayor Drummond and his Cabinet want to hand over £120,000 to the private landlords who own uninhabitable houses in Baden Street (Mail, May 21).

The money will be used to improve these shabby houses so they can recruit new tenants and make even more money.

And another £105,000 will be given to these same landlords to be spent on the Baden Street houses that already have tenants in them.

The Mayor and his Cabinet also want to give the tenants money to help them to pay their rent and bills on time and another £25,000 a year has been earmarked to provide a permanent Baden Street security patrol.

And they also want to spend £200,000 on improving the road and the pavements in this street.

Why do the Mayor and his Cabinet want to spend public money supporting Baden Street’s private landlords and give money to their tenants so they can pay their rent and bills?

Especially at a time when Hartlepool Borough Council employees are losing their jobs and important front-line services are being cut?

William Mitchell,