Why this library?

I’M not in the habit of writing letters to the Mail.

But as a frequent user of the Foggy Furze library, which incidentally was the first branch library in West Hartlepool, I am appalled at Hartlepool Borough Council’s decision to close it.

Foggy Furze is a well used and much appreciated asset to this area of the town.

It is not only a library but a centre for community activities for a variety of groups.

Children from the two local primary schools, St Aidan’s and St Cuthbert’s, make good use of it, as do many residents who make use of the computer and internet facilities which are on offer at the former Staby House building, which dates back to 1884.

The house itself has a very interesting history.

I, like everyone else in Hartlepool, realise that we are experiencing difficult economic times, but I wonder just why the Foggy Furze library was chosen as one of the three or four to be marked down for closure.

Could it be that the site is a prime candidate for development and thus more likely to attract a premium bid from interested building companies, therefore not only depriving residents of a great community asset, but also providing the council with a substantial monetary return?

Also on the same site, a bowling green and tennis court.

Would these sporting facilities come under the same threat.

D C Armes,

Oakland Avenue,