Wildlife has been betrayed

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Betrayal, that’s what I believe has happened to migrating birds that use the North Shore coastline.

Hartlepool Borough Council needs to be aware of any destruction of habitat or infringements of agreements that protect our wildlife, and ensure they are looked into as soon as possible, and remedies or prosecution mounted.

Anyone who knows the North Shore, knows it for its open clean beach, its panoramic view of the North Sea and its fresh air.

It is also (sorry, was) a place of safety for hundreds of thousands of migrating birds from around the globe.

A place they could rest and recuperate on their journey of many thousands of miles.

To that end, the council, along with Government bodies and others, had this stretch of coast given the highest protection possible.

It was SSI. It is now SPAR, and has been so for more than 10 years.

North Shore was protected. I say was, because it has been invaded by a more noisy group who do not care if birds live or die.

They do not care if they destroy the habitat. They care only about what they want to do, nothing else.

Motor vehicles, quad bikes and motorbikes, have made this “protected” area their playground.

The destruction is a disgrace, an insult to its status, a betrayal, as I see it.

Non-stop noise, as these small motor vehicles race up and down the beach and dunes, destroying hundreds of years’ of creation of a habitat for thousands of animals.

Those that have been given the task of making sure of this protection have done nothing, in my view, to stop this destruction.

Even after arranged meetings with officers, police and CCTV officers from the council, nothing has been done.

The betrayal of this wildlife, which is unable to look after itself, is something this town should be ashamed of.

John Marshall,

St Helen’s Street,