Will they pay?

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I delivered political leaflets for the Liberals, the Social Democratic Party and the Liberal Democrats for 38 years.

I was never paid and I was never thanked either.

I then delivered some leaflets for a really lovely Tory lady, Jo Fergus, who is alas no longer with us.

She at least was grateful and gave me a bottle of wine.

I also delivered for Tory James Wharton during his first successful campaign in Stockton, again unpaid.

I had the rare privilege of returning a wallet to its owner which was dropped in a street in Eaglescliffe.

Recently at the age of 57 I went delivering again, risking a twisted ankle on badly maintained front paths and my fingers in sharp letterboxes, to deliver leaflets campaigning to leave the EU.

I was two years too young to vote in the last referendum on the Common Market.

The Government has spent £9million on delivering a leaflet to every home in Britain on why we should vote to stay in.

Should George Osborne and David Cameron be made to pay back the £9million this cost to the Treasury out of their own pocket?

Nigel Boddy,

Fife Road,