Women will weaken Army

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Recently it was announced that women will be allowed to serve in the infantry.

As someone who started his military service in the infantry and left as an infantry officer 42 years later, I consider I have some understanding of the topic.

This is a ridiculously flawed decision which has already resulted in the standards being changed to make it easier for women to pass.

This also happened when women started to serve with artillery units and destroyed unit cohesion and flexibility.

What the PC elements of the services do not realise is that being in the infantry is at times a physically brutal environment.

I do not refer to being in combat.

Ask anybody who has attended Junior or Senior Brecon, or passed out of the Platoon Commanders battle courses.

These are career development requirements.

I doubt if many, if any, women could sustain the high physical tempo and constant testing, not only from the instructors but also your peer group, together with the climatic environment.

This concept will only achieve a reduction in the capability and standards of the best infantry in the world to appease the politically correct fraternity.

We have vastly reduced the size of our combat troops and do not need this weakening of our ability to fight.

Major Chris Gallacher, TD VR,

Normanby Road,