You get what you vote for

I SUPPORT the mayoral system for several reasons.

An elected mayor is elected by the people of Hartlepool.

We all have a vote, the same way we elect an MP.

We might not approve of who is elected but at least we have had our say.

Under the committee system the leader of the majority (Labour) group would be the civic leader of our town.

Not one resident of Hartlepool would have a vote, or any influence, except for a small group of Labour councillors.

Hartlepool Labour group has recently had at least five leaders in as many years, elected by a small polit bureau of Labour councillors.

Would the committee system save money?

I doubt it. It would probably cost more.

We have to save so much money, make more cuts. Labour’s historic “prudence” is not reassuring.

Stuart Drummond has always operated an open door policy.

Only a small number of councillors has ever taken him up on this offer.

I’m also aware that the Mayor’s door has always been open to individual residents, businesses, residents associations and special interest groups.

The value of this, is the Mayor has executive powers to make independent decisions.

With the mayoral system we get the person we vote for – but at least we have a vote.

Councillor Geoff Lilley,

Fens Crescent,


l SEE tomorrow’s Mail for a letters special on the Mayoral vote.