Your Shout: Hartlepool shoppers are excited for the summer

THE sun has got its hat on. It might still be chilly but Hartlepool has bathed in sunshine over the last couple of days, which has got shoppers in the town excited for the summer.

John-Paul Coultas, 21, a sales assistant from Seaton Carew, said: “It’s been really nice the last couple of days.

Aidan Myers

Aidan Myers

“Hopefully the winter is completely behind us now.

“It would be great if we had a really nice summer this year, I wouldn’t mind going travelling a bit this summer.”

Jack Wood, 18, a student who lives on the Headland, said: “We’ve been lucky in the winter because we didn’t the floods, it was still cold though.

“I’m glad the summer is on its way.

“I’m going on holiday and to a music festival this summer so I’m looking forward to that.”

Lewis Cannon, 18, a student who lives in the Clavering area of town, said: “We haven’t had a bad winter really, we didn’t have any snow so that was good.

“It’s nice to see the sun shining though, hopefully it will stay like that from now through until the end of the summer, that would be good.”

Aidan Myers, 23, who is unemployed and lives in the Burn Valley area of Hartlepool, said: “It’s a pleasant surprise to get up on a morning and see I don’t have to dress in about seven layers.

“I much prefer the summer, it means I don’t have to spend as much money on heating.”