Your suggestions to Hartlepool council for Jacksons Landing

Readers have had their say on plans for the development of Jacksons Landing which will come under the spotlight this week.

Monday, 5th September 2016, 3:32 pm
Updated Monday, 5th September 2016, 4:36 pm
Jackson's Landing. Picture: TOM BANKS

An outline development programme for he site, which includes demolishing the existing building at a cost of £40,000, will go before regeneration councillors on Friday.

It envisages a mixed use development likely featuring a combination of hotel, restaurant, speciality retail and leisure uses and possibly some residential.

A consortium of architects and other professionals has been commissioned by the council to come up with a masterplan leading to the submission of a planning application.

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Several Mail readers have come up with their own suggestions.

On facebook, Cats Cats said: “Here’s an idea, use this building for your arty creative unit, it has lots of natural light and could easily be partitioned off into separate units, then leave Zeus (the old post building in Whitby St) to be snapped up by a hotel chain.”

Leanne Dodds suggested: “Why not knock down Millhouse and make a new pool/leisure centre with ice rink like the forum.”

Alfey George Harwood said: “Could be made into something like the Alan shearer centre for kids with additional needs.”

DawnNjohn Young said: “We don’t need hotels we need something to bring people into Hartlepool to spend and keep us pools spending in our town!”

On Lizzy4_2 said: “In view of the success in the London & Rio Olympics, why not make Jacksons Landing into one large Sports Hall.

“The Council could contact all local sports clubs in the area (not just Hartlepool) and have the place divided up to accommodate the multi-sports centre.

“We could have gymnasts, boxing, judo, taik-wondo, shooting, badminton, table-tennis etc, it would be fantastic to have a future & successful Olympian trained at the suggested centre!”

Clav73 said: “Why keep spending our money on pie in the sky plans leave the building up and knock the demolition costs off the price.”