Youths and dogs attack cat

A PET cat was left with broken bones after being savagely attacked by two dogs and beaten with sticks by youths.

RSPCA chiefs say the cat is “in a bad way” and “not yet out of the woods” as it is being treated at a local vets for a broken sternum and ribs and severe bruising.

Two youths were seen setting two white terrier-type dogs on the cat.

They are described as white males and around 14 or 15 years old.

The incident happened around 7.45pm on Tuesday night in Westmoreland Rise, in Peterlee.

The cat’s owner, or anyone else with information about the attack, is urged to contact the RSPCA urgently on 0300 1234999 and leave a message for Inspector Kaye Smith.

See Thursday’s Hartlepool Mail for more details.