Memories of a Hartlepool record shop were a hit with Mail readers

Hit Parade in 1990.
Hit Parade in 1990.

It was music to our ears when we heard you had responded in style to an old photograph.

We asked for your memories of Hit Parade and posted a photograph of it from 1990. It reached more than 15,000 people and plenty had something to say.

Partners Graham Spence and Stephen Burton with Stephen's wife Lynn.

Partners Graham Spence and Stephen Burton with Stephen's wife Lynn.

Leanne Taylor commented: “Lovely Marie Taylor ran this. Memories of growing up in her house always involve music and her singing karaoke.”

She described them as “lovely memories” and wasn’t alone in thinking that. Paul Mitchell said: “I used to love that shop” and Claire Russell said: “Great memories.”

Elaine Hill couldn’t believe “it was that long ago” and our thanks go to Jonny Smith who said: “It was at the top of Church Street and before that Clarke Street behind the fire station. After Marie sold the business it was on York Road for a while.”

Lee Theasby said the photograph was from the shop’s York Road days while Simon Taylor said: “It was in Thornton Street for about 2 years before moving to York Road.”

Many of you remembered the records you bought including Paddy Denning who commented: “Bought ‘The Queen is Dead’ in here on day of release. Favourite album still. From the best Hartlepool record shop.”

Stefan Morrell recalled: “Bought my first Happy Mondays, the Farm & Stone Roses 12”s from Thornton Street, great and helpful staff also.” ✌️

Kelly McNeill remembered:”10 cassettes for £1 songs we didn’t even know haha x.”

And Adam Craig Pearson said: “Used to love spending school dinner money in here whilst starving.”

Jonny Smith said: “My Auntie Marie Taylor owned this shop and Used to love going with my mam Joyce Smith.”

Wiktor Morrell “spent a small fortune in there” and Lesley Watson said; “I spent my most of my pocket money in there. Then spent the other half of my life in it!!”

Pauline Ludgate said: “This looks like the one on York Road, Marie and I started the one at top of Church Street, and the name was what we originally named it and it was a great name, and everyone of an age still remembers it. Great memories of Marie in those early Hit Parade Days. Sadly she’s no longer with us xx.”

Graeme Harper recalled: “It moved around so much but was always worth a visit” and Shaun C Rogan said: “A regular when it was in Church Square.”

We had a plea from Mick Buttery who said: “Rewind the clock someone... PLEASE.”

And some of you worked there including Simon Taylor who reminisced: “I was a regular at church square , then worked in the Thornton street shop , if you could call it working.”

Neil Simon said: “Worked here for a few years with Lynn Steve, Spen and Fay on York rd loved it x.”

Fay Stewart said: “Loved working here on a Saturday.”

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