Boxer Winton relishing pro debut in Summer Rumble show

Callum Winton
Callum Winton
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HARTLEPOOL’S hitman is ready to go after his prey.

Callum Winton is counting down the days to his professional debut when he fights on the Summer Rumble on Sunday, July 15.

As a teenager Winton was dubbed the mini Ricky Hatton.

He was progressing in the junior ranks at the same time as The Hitman was ruling the world at light-welterweight.

There was more than a hint of the Hatton attacking style in Winton, who displayed the same penchant for wicked hooks to the body.

Callum would even emerge for his bouts on the Catholic Club shows at the Mayfair Centre to the tune of Blue Moon, Ricky’s Man City anthem.

Winton hopes to carve out his own name, and judging by his training sessions at the Gus Robinson Development gym in West View Road there is no doubt he means business.

Coach Peter Cope says he’s never had a harder puncher on his hands and rates only world-ranked former middleweight boxer Geard Ajetovic as “better on the pads.”

Cope said: “He’s got it all.

“I wear a body protector and have pads on and you can feel every punch – and I mean feel them.

“He is that powerful.

“Callum can box as well and we’re trying to work on his defence as well as getting him to use his jab more.

“But his sheer power is astounding.”

Winton was a top-notch amateur, winning the coveted Junior ABA title before losing his motivation in the adult ranks.

Having just turned 20, he’s hardly past it, and Cope sees enthusiasm and ambition burning brightly in the ex-Catholic Club action man.

“He’s young, dead keen and he wants to do it,” said Cope.

“Callum has never missed a session since he began training with us and he’s a joy to train.

“He’ll get a good following, he’s that exciting to watch.

“It’s early days, he hasn’t had a fight yet, but his potential is incredible if he keeps putting the work in.”

Cope hopes matchmakers will put Winton in with a “tough cookie” on his debut.

“I don’t want someone who will just fold when they get a couple to the body,” he said.

“We’ll have to see who he gets, we’d just like to see him get his rounds in.

“Fitness is good – his weight is right down.

“He did 10 rounds on the pads the other night, six with Alan and four with me, and did it without a problem.”

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