Gary Fox’s move up in weight will help him batter Lee Mould at Summer Rumble

Gary Fox
Gary Fox

GARY Fox is convinced his step up to light-welterweight will help him batter Sunderland’s Lee Mould into submission at next month’s Summer Rumble.

The two boxers are set to battle it out for the Northern Area title at the Stadium of Light on Sunday, July 13 in one of the headline events of the show.

And the Fishburn fighter insists that while he respects the unbeaten Wearsider’s record and his ability, he thinks Mould has bitten off more than he can chew.

“I’ll be stronger than I’ve ever been,” said Fox, who revealed he passed out the day before his last fight, against Sunderland’s Kirk Goodings, having over-dieted to make it under the lightweight limit.

“I won’t make the same mistake of coming too far down again,” he said ruefully.

“I came in a couple of pounds under weight and I collapsed in a restaurant a couple of hours after the weigh-in.

“I had taken so much out of my body getting under the weight that my body had shut down.

“I refused to go to hospital because I knew if I had gone the fight against Kirk would have been called off and I didn’t want that.

“It wasn’t the cleverest of thing for me to do but I’ll not make the same mistake again and I think you’ll see the best of me this time.

“I’m really looking forward to showing what I can do when I’m not drained.

“I’ve won the area title at lightweight but now I want to move up and be that much stronger and at light-welterweight I can knock people out.”

Fox has been too fast outside of the ring – having picked up a driving ban for speeding which has made life difficult – but he says it won’t stop him being too fast or too strong between the ropes next month.

He SportMail: “The ban makes it awkward sometimes getting to training from Fishburn to train in Hartlepool.

“But I’m still training there every week, getting there regularly, and it won’t stop me from being in peak condition next month.

“I’ve fought on the same bill as Lee Mould a few times but I’ve not seen too much of him because our fights have been pretty close together on the bill.

“But in all honesty I’m not thinking so much about him as myself and I’m looking forward to next month because I think people will see the very best of me at a weight which will I’ll feel more comfortable at.”

Tickets are available for the Stadium of Light Summer Rumble from the boxers themselves or from Sunderland promoter Phil Jeffries on 0774 7611020.