Hartlepool boxer Peter Cope is ready for fight of his life v Mitchell Smith in London


PETER Cope is ready for the fight of his life.

That is the view of the man who knows him best – coach and dad Peter Snr.

The 23-year-old challenges for the vacant English super-featherweight title in London on Wednesday against Mitchell Smith in the battle of the undefeated prospects.

Cope has won nine from nine while Smith, 21, also boasts a 100 per cent record, from one fewer contest.

It looks set for a real humdinger at the York Hall and Gus Robinson Developments head coach Peter Cope Snr is confident his boy can come back to town with the belt.

“I know all trainers come out with the line that their boxer has never been in better shape, but hand on heart I can say it’s true in Peter’s case,” said the trainer, whose eldest boxing son Daniel won on his pro debut at Summer Rumble 4 on Sunday .

“Peter’s had some bad luck over the last year – he’s had two title fights fall through because of pull-outs.

“When he was down to box Mitch Smith in April, Peter was the best he’s ever looked – fitness, sharpness, sparring.

“And when it came to to this fight I was thinking ‘what if he can’t get near what he was like before?’

“He isn’t as good – he’s better.

“Yes, there has been a little bump and sprain along the way, but you’d expect that in a long training camp.

“But his fitness has been excellent and so too has his sparring and in the past I’ve not always been able to say that.

“He’s in a proper good place, physically and mentally and I just want the fight to be now.”