Hartlepool boxer Stuart Buckley inspires home triumph for Catholic Club


STUART Buckley inspired a home triumph when he captained a Hartlepool Catholic Club select side to victory over the Army.

On the eve of remembrance day the British Army boxing team visited Seaton Carew for a special show.

The Catholic Club staged the dinner show at the Mayfair Centre and it was a night to remember in itself for the home select team.

The home team ran out 4-2 winners after six contests between a North East boxer and a British Army representative.

Coach Paul Allen, senior coach of the Catholic Club, has personal ties to the Army having served his country and was very proud of the two sides.

Buckley, 24, was team captain for the night and came up against Danny Allen in a 67kilo bout.

The Catholic Club man was victorious over the three rounds and taking the judges decision unanimously 20-18, 19-12, 17-8.

The former Great Britain boxer was slow to start against an opponent he had beaten before.

He told SportMail: “I think I took it too easy.

“Danny isn’t a bad boxer but I just thought it would be easy and it clearly wasn’t.

“It was harder than I thought but a win is a win and I’m pleased with the result.”

In the first, Stuey was caught from long range and forced on to the back foot.

Buckley used his experience and advice from Mark Smith in the corner to turn the bout on his head.

He went forward more often and landed shots down the middle using his jab and straight shots well.

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