I’m not finished yet warns Dolan

MICHAEL Hunter is not the only boxer out to prove there is any fight left in a 30-something.

Hunter’s Hartlepool team-mate David Dolan is on the comeback trail himself at the Borough Hall on Sunday afternoon.

David Dolan.

David Dolan.

And the pressure is on the Neil Fannan and Dave Garside cruiserweight to produce the goods against Bulgaria’s Tayar Mehmed.

Dolan has not boxed since being beaten at his beloved Stadium of Light by Birtley’s Jon Lewis Dickinson for the Northern Area title last July.

Eight months away from the ring is next to nothing when compared to the figure of 29 of Hunter, who is topping the bill at the Headland venue.

However, Fannan has told Dolan he must win otherwise, realistically, there is no where to go.

Dolan last tasted victory in July 2010 when he outpointed Hastings Rasani over six ounds.

But since then he has lost title contests against Terry Dunstan, after an injury, and to Dickinson.

It is a bout the 32-year-old is convinced he should have won though this reporter felt that referee Mark Curry’s verdict was a fair one.

Whatever the rights or wrongs of the 97-94 scoreline, Sunday’s four-rounder against the 26-yeard-old eastern European cannot afford to go wrong at all.

“It has taken a while to get another fight but I am just pleased to be back in there,” said Dolan.

“I want to win so I can move onto better things.

“I feel fine I just want to get back in there.

“The only disappointment is I have not got back sooner. I just want to get a win and move forward.

“It is still all there, definitely.

“There is no doubt in my mind. The last two fights have been bad ones.

“I was beaten in a bout I thought I won and the one before that I tore my muscle. But hopefully I will get back to winning ways here – I am not finished yet.

“I don’t really know anything qbout him but he still has to be beaten.

“Mehmed won’t be taken lightly but hopefully I will get the win then get a harder fight next time just so I can show people what I can do.

“I have not won for a couple of bouts but the only one I can say, hand on heart, I lost was the Dunston contest.

“All the other ones have been dodgy in my eyes. I believe I got a bad decision against Dickinson so I don’t think I’ve had the rub of the green.

“But hopefully things will turn around and even themselves out.”

Dolan added: “t was a big disappointment but I still don’t think I lost.

“Yes it was close but I have watched the dvd and while it’s closer than I would have liked I didn’t think I had lost it.

“But it’s one of them things.

“At the end of the day, the decision didn’t go for me. I have been a boxer for so long I think I was always going to fight again.

“I didn’t really want it to end it there.”

Hunter, 33, tops the seven-fight bill against Sid Razak. Tickets are available by contacting Neil on 07891101399.