Savannah Marshall hopes to extend winning run in Commonwealth Games semi

Savannah Marshall
Savannah Marshall

SAVANNAH Marshall can’t stop winning – and long may that continue.

The Hartlepool boxer is unbeaten since London 2012 and she will look to extend that winning run tonight in Glasgow.

Marshall faces the imposing figure of no-frills Nigerian and world number seven Edith Ogoke in the semi-final of the Commonwealth Games.

The Headland ABC star should carry too much skill for the African champion – providing she does not stand and slug it out with the brawler.

If successful tonight, a different test would await in the final against either Ariane Fortin or Lauren Price.

Fortin is highly-experienced, motivated and very good, while Price has been one of the stars of the middleweight competition with two outstanding victories to reach the last four.

Both are southpaws and Marshall would need to be at her sharpest tomorrow night in front of a 12,000 crowd at the Hydro Arena.

But until she beats Ogoke, it is all ifs and buts.

Marshall must beat the raw and brutal Nigerian before thinking of any final and, to the credit of the girl from Dyke House, she is not looking past the 23-year-old from Owerri.

“I said before the start of the tournament that it was one bout at a time and it’s the only way to do it,” she told SportMail.

“I’ve not seen the girls live because I’ve been fighting last every night.

“But Ariane Fortin has done very well and she was one I knew we had to kind of watch out for.

“I know Lauren and how good she is because I’ve sparred with her at Sheffield.

“But Edith is the only boxer I am thinking about at the moment.”

To say Ogoke is a dangerous opponent would be an understatement.

She can hit – very hard.

But movement and defence are not exactly strong suits as her quarter-final with Shiromali Weeranatha proved.

The pair simply stood and traded for four rounds, Ogoke emerging triumphant after landing more of the blows.

It was a great fight to watch but Ogoke was very open and was not the most mobile.

Marshall must take advantage of that and use those sharp and scintillating tools she possesses.

The World champion never missed with her left (or right!) in her quarter-final win over Pearl Morake.

Marshall has one of the best jabs in the business – male or female – and her left hooks to the head and body and combinations score every time.

“I didn’t see Edith on Wednesday night but I’ve watched her before,” said the Tim Coulter-trained boxer.

“She is tough and strong but I think I’m skilful enough to win if the fight goes to plan.

“I think I’m a lot fitter than her – she’ll come out and give it a real go for the first 20 seconds of the round but the die off.

“If I box as well as I know I can I believe I can do it.”

Marshall added: “I’m just glad to be boxing again and I’m enjoying it here.

“I wasn’t that happy with how I boxed in the first bout, to be honest I’d rather I’d boxed the girl from Botswana first.

“In the first contest I felt I was trying to force it a bit but on Wednesday night I was a lot happier with how that went.

“I’ve had no problems at all with my shoulder and I feel good.

“I’m just enjoying being back in the ring and being able to box again and I’ll be looking to keep that going.”