Savannah Marshall links up with Tyson Fury’s coach in bid for world stardom

Savannah Marshall with coach Tim Coulter
Savannah Marshall with coach Tim Coulter

Savannah Marshall will be trained by Tyson Fury’s coach in the build-up to her professional debut.

The Hartlepool boxer is being guided by Peter Fury, Tyson’s uncle, ahead of her fight in Las Vegas on the undercard of the massive Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor on August 26.

Marshall is due to locate in the world’s gambling capital, which is the base for Mayweather Promotions, the outfit guiding her pro career.

However, the 26-year-old is still awaiting her visa so will prepare for her first bout in England before flying out to the States in mid August.

The former world middleweight champion will train through the week in Bolton with the Furys and in her home gym on a weekend with Headland ABC head coach, Tim Coulter.

Marshall feels the arrangement gives her “the best of both worlds” as she prepares for her big night on the pay-per-view spectacular.

“I plan to go out a couple of weeks before my bout,” Marshall told SportMail.

“I am still waiting for my visa so I can’t go out yet.

“With it being a working visa it takes a little longer to go through.

“But I’m enjoying being trained by Peter and working in the Furys gym.

“Even if I went out to Vegas now, it would probably be too short notice to gel with my new trainer.

“I’ve developed a good relationship with Peter and I’ve been training with Tim here, so at the moment I have the best of both worlds.

“Mayweather Promotions are fine with the arrangement, they’ve allowed me my say which is nice.

“It’s been great working with Peter.

“He’s trained Tyson to the world championship and Hughie Fury is to fight for the heavyweight title.

“It’s been really good, I’m learning stuff all the time.

“I’ve found the professionals and the amateurs completely different sports, especially the art of picking your shot.

“In the amateurs you could throw 20 to score with one but in the pros, Peter has been showing me how you throw five and hope to land five.

“He’s a really nice man, so too are Tyson and Hughie and all the lads in the gym, all very respectful.

“It’s great just watching fighters like Tyson, I’m learning so much.”

Marshall has turned pro with the planet’s most famous fight figure, signing a four-year deal with Mayweather Promotions.

The Silent Assasin’s ambition is to win the world title, just as she did in the amateur ranks, when she struck gold in China in 2012.

Marshall amassed an incredible collection during her time at the top, a medal of each colour in world championships, Commonwealth Games gold and titles at the European Union and World Combat Games events.

She spent eight years based at the English Institute of Sport, in Sheffield, working under a variety of GB Boxing coaches.

But one constant in her career has been Headland coach, Coulter.

“I can’t thank Tim enough for everything he has done and is still doing,” said Marshall.

“I’m really grateful he is still working with me as a pro.

“He’s an unbelievable coach but he’s also my mentor and friend.”