BLOG: Frankie goes to ... York

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I WAS driving back from my Summer holiday in Devon with a smile on my face and an excited tummy - why you ask?

Because Pools were away at York City, the first time we have played each other in the league since 2003, oh yes I’m excited!

Perhaps it isn’t Rangers v Celtic, Man U v Man City or even that other one, you know the one, Sunderland v Newcastle, but this is as good as it gets for a local derby for Pools this season.

Filled up the car ready for the journey, ok so it may only be 53 miles to York but you’ve always got to fill up before an away game. Straight down the A19 then through some beautiful countryside before taking a left into Bootham Crescent when you see the ground at the end of the street.

At this point you get ready to be taken back in time. Dr Who you ask? Not quite, however arriving at Bootham Crescent in 2013 was no different to how things were way back in 2003. We know that 10 years is a long time in football and that things do change and move on, however, I have to say that Bootham Crescent isn’t ageing very well. It’s a ground that is definitely dated and most certainly in need of a good clean.

Why in this day and age did over 1500 Pools fans have to stand on an open terrace as the rain lashed down from the heavens above?

Thankfully the storm didn’t dampen the spirits of the travelling supporters who created a great atmosphere inside the ground but just imagine how the Poolie voices would have echoed around the stadium with a roof over the terrace.

It was still great to be taking part in a derby that has meaning, a game with a long history and one which didn’t require hours of travelling. Next away day? Torquay United ..